TODAY THE WORDS are LAST CALL. For all of us who have had our lives changed, might remember the old partying days when “last call” was for the last sale of alcohol at the bar. It might seem a little strange for this to be a topic, but when it comes to my mind first thing in the morning, I do not hesitate to write on this subject. Last call could mean a lot of other things and that is the focus. If we are going about our daily lives, and some may still be out partying and this is definitely their choice; we are experiencing a lot of last calls in a lot of ways. When we receive the notification of a loved one who has passed, we automatically go to the “last” time we spoke with them, laughed with them or cried with them. “Last time” becomes very important as it is the last opportunity to share times with them on this earth. When a person changes a job, there is always the last day of work, sometimes a celebration and sometimes sad. When a marriage falls apart and people divorce, there is that last day when the divorce is final and it is usually, and rightfully so should be, sad for all. When children graduate from school or college, it is the last time of youthfulness and they become adults. In other words we experience a lot of “last calls” in our lifetime. Now for the deeper thought…..we will experience a last call in this life (unless we make it to the rapture). There will be a day that no other earthly day will occur. Our Maker will make the “last call” for us and call us home. No one knows exactly when this will happen unless we are marked with a terminal illness which gives us somewhat of a timeline. We listen to the news and it is constantly full of people who are taken because of some unforeseen tragedy or accident. They left their homes that morning or later, and had no idea this would be their “last call” day. Anything they needed to do before their life would end would either be completed before their departure or left undone. Anything needed to be said to a loved one would either have been said or never uttered. I do not believe in gloom and doom; I believe in eternity with happiness and peace. I believe in loved ones who express after a loved ones death their belief in where their loved ones are….Heaven at peace and forever happy! Think about today and if today is our last call; may we have lived our lives in a pleasing way; have loved with all of our hearts both to God and our loved ones; and may we smile when we hear “last call” as we know our destination.

(Job 14:5)
“You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer.”

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