TODAY THE WORDS are RUBBER BANDS. Oh the fun rubber bands have played in our childhood. We shot them at each other; we made our homemade version of slingshots from them; most of us girls wore pony tails using them; and so many other creative uses were invented. They came in different sizes but they all served the same purpose holding things together. I saw an article and it lised 52 uses for rubber bands and I thought I would list a few of them to see if your memory will be jogged (kind of humorous since one of the uses is to put a rubber band on your finger to remind you to do something). Here’s a few uses: 1. A hair tie; 2. A diversion; 3. An eraser; 4. A sports-glasses holder; 5. An eyeglasses safety strap; 6. A poster scroll; 7. A handle grip; 8. A mafia wallet; 9. A humble reminder; 10. A candle dewobbler. (for all of the 52 Uses for Rubber Bands, google it with reference to by Paul Michael on 12 May 2010;  Wisebread).
 Now for the deeper thought……a rubber band has many uses in this life and so do we!…..But how many of our talents and abilities do we use? My Mother, only in her 60’s, found out by doodling, that she had talent for drawing flowers. She went from doodling to acrylics and then on to oil paintings. None of her works are hanging in any museums, but a lot of her work was distributed in our homes and homes of her family and friends and they are priceless. That talent was lying stagnant until she started doodling to pass some of her free time. How many of us have stagnant talents waiting to be shot acroos the room? Remember someone had to shoot the first rubber band to find out what fun it can be. This life is short and instead of finding something to complain about, become a “rubber band” with at least 52 things that you can do. Seek out your talents; ask God for help in using your hidden talents to help others; try different things (as I do with my writing of this blog); discover things that you enjoy doing and do them; and start soaring in this life. Who would have thought a rubber band would have 52 uses, so what are we waiting for? A little afterthought about the simple rubber band….it can stretch to unbelievable lengths; so we need to stretch our comfort level and go for things that take us out of our comfort zone!

1 Kings 8:54 ESV     
Now as Solomon finished offering all this prayer and plea to the Lord, he arose from before the altar of the Lord, where he had knelt with hands outstretched toward heaven.

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