TODAY THE WORD is PRESENCE.  The opposite of presence is absence and today I think a lot of people have become absent in the world’s behavior. Being present and accountable is vital to our existence and being aware of our surroundings is crucial . All of us remember the one kid in school, maybe more than one, who came everyday, sat in the classes, sometimes was the class clown, never made good grades, and back in my time, received a spanking nearly everyday for some antic. The odd part was he received the Perfect Attendance award….imagine that! He was present, not for learning, but for a need for attention. He felt a compulsion to attend, be present, and definitely made his presence known by everyone else. This is not the presence I am referring in this message; I am referring to a conscious presence in all phases of our lives. I have employed people who had all of the talent and ability to do a job well done, but sometimes they failed to show up mentally present. They were not focused and it reflected in their positions and production. Everyone has an off day and their body shows up without the mind and this is a temporary situation. Outside problems, health issues, family situations, and financial matters can affect one’s “presence” and as long as we can resolve them, put them aside temporarily, and now for the deeper thought…..Pray for resolution or solution. Our “Attention Seeker” is always present with His Almighty presence to help us on those days, situations, problems, or difficulties. If God is absent in our lives, so will His Presence be hidden. He will always be there waiting on us to trust Him, call on Him, show our Love for Him and our need for Him. He is ever present and secure. He can call us to “attention” when our focus is not on Him and can allow us the focus and presence we need to have in our faith, our families, our work and all other needs. Be present in your life by allowing God to be the most important presence. Today, allow God to show up and call roll!

Psalm 86:7
In the day of trouble I will call you, for you will answer me.

(c) copyright 2012 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.


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