TODAY THE WORDS are ANGELS WALK AMONG US. A lot of people have a belief that angels walk among us and for some of us, we have met them, felt the love radiate from them, and became better people because we have been blessed to share time with them. One such lady lived in my hometown and I felt like she was related to me, and many others felt this same way. It never mattered to her how much or how little a person had, they were welcomed and loved. She never had an easy life, but you wouldn’t have known a minute of any difficulty as she was busy spreading the love of God to anyone that would come into closeness to her. She was called by many names, Sister Ruby, Granny Holton and especially Mother by seven of her children. I never remembered anyone speaking an unkind word relating to her, but I heard hundreds of people speak of her gentleness, her love, but especially of her faith. No one was going to be in her midst that she didn’t share her testimony and remind you of how good her Savior was to her and to all that believed in Him. I was reminded today of one of many sayings that she shared with others, “God will smooth out the rough places and will light the dark places”. She lived by this faith and encouraged all to share in this love.

I heard that she would break out in song in church when the spirit moved her. She didn’t hold back like many of us would. That is one of the reasons that she was a walking, loving, caring angel. I don’t know if she could have held back as she was overflowing with a heavenly spirit. Many lives have been changed by her love and even when she left this earth leaving behind a family who sang for her in her final hours; she was happy to go to Heaven. Granny Holton, left her mark in this world and is singing her songs in Heaven. Her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and on to great-great children miss her, but they, like me and so many blessed people, can say “If I ever met a real angel on this earth, I think it was Granny Holton.” May her life live on through the ones she loved so much and gave so much and may we remember her long life of keeping the faith for 90 years. Now, for the deeper thought….. May we live up to our belief and trust in our Saviour and let Him smooth out the rough places and light up the dark places for us and may we try with all of our might to be as angelic as we can in our lifetime.


Hebrews 13:2. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

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