TODAY THE WORDS are HIDE AND SEEK.  One of our grandsons, Abram is visiting with us this weekend and yesterday, he played hide and seek with me and it took me back to my childhood when we used to play it regularly. You have heard me mention that we didn’t have a lot of toys as many of you didn’t have a lot either and reading this blog, so we were creative in our games. However, I think most children have played hide and seek because of the game’s ability for creativity on everyone’s part and that is the focus of the message. First, in the game, one is chosen to hide and the other one is the seeker. We learned to count as the seeker since we hid our eyes up against a wall or tree and while the other child hid,  the seeker counted. A certain number was counted off, and if the one that was hid didn’t giggle out, the search was on! Now, for the hider; a good hiding place had to be chosen, and the harder it was to find the “child” the better. If others were playing and they would give hints by telling the seeker they were getting hotter or colder and the seeker would move according to their directions, usually blending in a few giggles themselves. When the seeker found the other one, a lot of laughter and cheering went on but the longer it took; the seeker would get more determined or frustrated. A lot of anticipation built during the hunt and the search was intent. One more observation, not made as a child but as an adult was some children always hid in the usual places, while others found new and better hiding places. This brings me to the deeper thought of Hide and Seek…….I think all of us continue to play hide and seek during most of our lives and here is why I think this way. In our adult life, we find hiding places with our emotions and while others are trying to “find” them; our emotions stay hidden. Some people are better seekers and they figure us out; some are not as intuitive and they keep looking in the same, usual hiding places. Life throws a lot at us and we choose where we stand or if we hide (seekers or hiders) and we need to be both players. We benefit from asking others how they feel or if they need to be found, but we also need to learn how to count before we seek (giving the other one the right to stay hidden or make the decision to be found). The everyday “hide and seek” can become exciting or frustating, so we need to exercise patience while we are trying to “find” or communicate with others. The other one hiding can benefit from being found but sometimes needs to stay hidden until they are sure they want their thoughts exposed or “found”. Now, here is the deepest thought….Isn’t that how God allows us to find him? He is there hidden until we are ready to seek Him. He can be anywhere and usually we find Him in the same places: church, homes, work, or a quiet park, woods, or other places that are familiar. Today is a great day if you haven’t already won the game of Hide and Seek and found Our Maker; look in your heart as God is there!
Deuteronomy 4:29 But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.

(c) copyright 2012 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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