TODAY THE WORDS are IN AN ANGEL’S NET.  During the last couple of weeks I have heard about several young people who have passed away. When we hear of young people dying, it is traumatic for us to hear this sad news. Early this morning, after reading of another death, I had a comforting thought of seeing an angel catching souls with a large gossamer net before the souls fell. I wish I could paint this image as it was so beautiful to imagine. As this happened, it became clearer the message behind this beautiful, enlightening image. I believe Angels exist as I believe in God and with this belief, I understand how Angels surround us while we live and are there when we die. I remember hearing such a warming song with a young girl singing it, “Angels in the Room” and thinking how great that has to be for Angels (can be loved ones) that have come to escort us home. Now for the deeper thought…..if you believe in Angels…..Angels are God’s messengers and to be loved and cherished for their peace and comforting love that without a word, their presence can transend time and space. Artists have painted their interpretation of Angels, singers have sung songs of Angels, and some of us have experienced the presence of Angels. Some people will have doubts about Angels, God and Heaven but once that doubt has been erased, the Heavenly existence becomes real and our souls anticipate and rejoice at our destination if we have been redeemed. It seems as is this message is directed to those families who have lost young people and are grieving and I seem directed to share for you to not be in despair as their souls were caught in the Angels’ nets and lifted up to Heaven. We sometimes feel the young person was cheated of a long life here, but they reaped an earlier reward by getting to live in Heaven longer. Be happy for them, rejoice in the knowledge that you can join them in everlasting happiness and rejoicing in the Lord.
Luke 16:22 – And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried

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