TODAY THE WORDS are IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HEART.  With today being Valentines Day, I thought I would share my thoughts on our Hearts. Throughout time, we share on this special day our love and devotion to ones we care about. We, as children, sent the little cards out, childishly written, but ever so special to our classmates and hoping the one that we wanted to be valentines would smile at us, keep our card and send us one too. I remember my heart pounding with excitement and not understanding exactly why it was pounding. Without confessing, most everyone if not everyone remembers that “first love or infatuation” with a cute classmate. As life progressed, the little love became a lot more serious for most of us and our little hearts could be broken to pieces, shattered by rejection, and vowing to never love again. So much for that vow, as most of us have experienced love several times and hopefully found the love of our lives. Once that love is found, all others pale in comparison with the exception of the love of our God, our families, and sometimes, our friends. Some loves last a lifetime, some fade away. Now for my Valentines deeper thought…..our hearts beat for many reasons, not just for the obvious of pumping blood. My thoughts are God wanted our hearts to be a pump for a lot of things in life. As a pump, the heart can function to move things through our life; as a passion meter, it pumps harder with excitement and feelings of love. As a monitor, it keeps a guage of how loving we are to others. As a valuable emotional part of us, it keeps us really human as it “senses” hurt, shame, guilt, and on a more positive note……LOVE! We need to cherish our hearts and value its use and purpose in our lives. Scientists would disagree on the factual statement, but I am speaking from the heart that God placed our hearts in our chest to feel it beat and to know its purpose. Love today and everyday with the heart that God gave us!
Psalm 73:26          
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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