TODAY THE WORDS are BLOWING OUT CANDLES. This morning, congratulations are in order as I see where a dear friend of mine is celebrating her birthday and another friend’s Mother celebrated her 87th birthday and some thoughts came to mind about celebrations and birthday parties. Going back to a different time in my life, when my sweet daughter would have her birthday party, her blue eyes would widen when the candles were lit and she prepared to blow as hard as she could to “blow all of the candles out”. Everyone would sing and clap when the candles went out. Because she was young, she didn’t have as many candles to blow out as we have accumulated on cakes as we have gotten older. My thoughts go to the symbolism behind the blowing out of candles and how it applies to our lives. Each year another candle is added, meaning another year of precious life has passed and it is time to celebrate a new year filled with “a birthday wish” made before the candles are blown out. When a child makes a wish, it is usually filled with material desires and as we get older, our wishes sometimes change from material wishes to emotional wishes, such as good health, financial security, or relationship happiness. Now for the deeper thought…..Are we secure in our heavenly destination to bypass an opportunity to wish for eternal happiness? If we have used the last precious year to build an eternal relationship with Our Maker, we already have that wish fulfilled. Wishes are great, but prayer, repentance, and faithfulness work better. There is going to come a day when the birthday parties are over, all of our candles are blown out, and all of the guests go home after bidding us our last birthday wishes. Let us prepare for the first birthday party that will outshine, dazzle, and glow anything we have seen on this earth. All of our loved ones who have gone before will be in attendance to the party where no candles will ever have to be blown out and the birthdays will never stop. May you share many birthdays on this earth and may all of us receive invitations by God to have a great celebration in Heaven when this life is over. Blow out your candles, love life, live life and love all your family and friends, but always love God best!
Psalm 22:10

On you was I cast from my birth, and from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

(c) copyright 2012 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.

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