TODAY THE WORD is RECESS. My thoughts go back to a time when I was in elementary school and especially recess time. We would have some classes and then it was time to go outside and have some time to play with other classmates, have conversations, and even disagreements between the more rowdy kids, usually the boys but occasionally girls. We made friends and had little groups that hung out together. We laughed, joked, and shared candy. This was a time in between learning, but sometimes I think we learned more life lessons at recess than we learned in the class. We had to learn interaction with others and used communication skills to get to know them. We learned to work as a team when we played games. Leadership development occurred as some classmates showed the initiative to take charge and others learned to follow instructions or directions. Other lessons were expressing our approval or disapproval and working through disagreement and compromise. This sounds different from our usual memories of recess. Our minds, over the years, want to only remember the fun; I bring the reality of learning the lessons of working together, playing together, and communicating. I think recess was formed for the teachers to have a break from teaching and allowing us independent education by interacting. You may be asking yourself, “why discuss recess”?
Life can be difficult and we need to step out of the classroom (work, home life, and other mandatory activities) and have recess. Sometimes, when we let our hair down and do something supposedly created for fun, we learn more about ourselves, our family and friends, and how to live with others. Recess is an essential part of our life education and without the brief periods of relief, we become too serious and forget how we are meant to enjoy life, laugh, and even do activities that may look childish to some, but may bond us with our children and grandchildren. We can function better after recess and we regain focus. Now for the deeper thought…..Sometimes, we need to have a recess period with God and take the time to appreciate all of the “fun” things that God has given us. We can enjoy the memories of the joyous moments in our lives. God gave us those times and we need to thank Him for each and every funny moment as our sense of humor came from our creator. I think we are sometimes so busy with the seriousness of life, we don’t take recess and play with the magnificent toys God has provided us. Lakes and ponds are made to be fished and how many times have you ever laughed when you caught a squiggly fish? Mountains are made to be climbed and trails are made to be explored. Children are made to tickle so that you can hear their giggles and the hugs that usually come when you quit tickling them. Take some time for recess; graduation from the class of life will be more gratifying when you have fun with life.
Romans 15:4 – For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

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