TODAY THE WORDS are COLORING IN BETWEEN THE LINES. When we were small children, coloring books were so important to us and most of us took pride in our masterpieces and wanted them hung or posted on the refrigerator or taped to the walls. Our parents would instruct and guide us on how to color within the lines and the better we stayed in the lines, the better our pictures would be. I admit there were some children with some anger to vent in their masterpieces and they grabbed their crayons with a death defying grip and went in vicious circles and paid no attention to the lines, their parents, teachers or the rest of the children. This gives me the focus for this message. Even though all of the children were given the same instructions, all of the pictures would turn out differently. Some colored with pastels and gave a more gentler touch; others pressed down and their pictures were more dramatic; while others mixed the light and dark and stayed within the natural colors and made the grass green and the sky blue. Then, there were the free lance artists who wanted to draw their own shapes, people, trees, and animals outside the preformed picture. I think it was a reflection of later life accomplishments or even signs of emotional intensity. Now comes the deeper thought…..We are still coloring in our pictures of life with God providing the color crayons and the coloring books. What we do with our coloring book of life is up to us as God only gives us instructions and guidance to complete our pictures. We can stay between the lines, we can mix our colors (life events), or we can go outside lines and view a conglomerated mess of our lives. We can be creative and create other pictures, shapes, or images (charity, volunteering, and hobbies) and extend our picture of life by adding things that allow us to feel like we are giving or adding to others’ lives. It is up to us as God provides the basics and gives us all of the ability to make the most of our lives. When we color, let us color with passion, creativity, dedication to being the best we can be, but express a lot of love and pride in the event that someone else is looking at our coloring book of life. The next time you look at a coloring book and crayons, think about how you are going to create a masterpiece of life for God.
Color a beautiful picture filled with love, hope, charity and faith!
Revelation 18:16 – And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

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