TODAY THE WORDS are HISTORY LESSONS. As many of my regular readers know, I have no clue as to the topic of the day until my fingers hit the keyboard and sometimes I am even shocked when I start typing. This morning is a little different however, but I am still shocked. The inspiration on this one came as I was looking at the audience from last night and a new country for the blogs audience was Azerbaijan and I had to look up where it is (and I know that subject is really geography), but the memory of history lessons came to mind. My husband loves the History Channel and watches it continuously, or it seems that way. I did well in school in History, but it doesn’t intrigue me as much as many of the men in the family or friends. So that got me to thinking, why does it intrigue men more than woman? For my part, history is tied to wars and violence and therefore action. Boys like to play with soldiers, tanks, trucks and toy guns and usually, with some exceptions, girls hang around with the dolls, dress up, etc. History is a vital part of our existence and all of us respect the sacrifices that ones made during the course of history. We treasure our country’s formation with the founding fathers and their beliefs of freedom from oppression. Now for the deeper thoughts, our history as human beings……are we as proud of our individual contribution to this world? As I see it, we are making history every day, in every way and how we contribute is very important. I heard it said, “It takes a village” and this is true but each “villager” is responsible for their actions and families. God wants us to make history within our faith, by standing up for our faith, and insuring that history will reveal our character when “God’s history book” is opened and all of the facts are revealed. Make history by doing your best, making sure there is integrity in the data, and love being part of the longest running history of life, a faithful and dedicated person to God and our fellow man.
Mark 12:31 King James Version

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

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