Squirrels are actually very kind to each other and will adopt abandoned baby squirrels if they notice a relative has not come back for them.  Visit our Page -► ツ @[215924641880316:274:Wonderful Nature & Unique Facts] ツ ◄- For more

TODAY THE WORDS are IF ANIMALS COULD TALK. This morning I was reminded of the intelligence that God gave animals and how much we humans could learn from them if they could talk and teach us unconditional love. I saw a picture on FB stating that squirrels will adopt abandoned baby squirrels if the adults notice that the relative has not returned in a time period. I saw where dolphins made such a raucous that alerted beachcombers of a dog which had fallen into the water with no way to pull itself up the wall. I saw where a dog whose owner had died who found the grave and comes to the cemetery every night at 6 pm to lie on its grave, even though no one had shown him where his owner was buried. The stories go on and on about the unexpected loyalty, dedication, sacrifice about pets and each one of us has similar stories. We owned a German Shepard and a Pekipoo and they were inseparable, unlikely pair since the little one was such a little cute pest but Slade the bigger dog tolerated him like a child. I was traveling at the time and my family chose not to tell me that “Bandit the 1st” had gotten snake bitten and died. When I drove into the carport, I was met by Slade who showed me without a word that something was wrong by lying his big head in my palm and moaning. He literally grieved himself to death since his buddy had gone. I realize that we as humans have the capacity to love as animals do; care about others as our furry friends have shown us; and sacrifice our own needs to give to others but now for the deeper thought……Do we? I see occasional bouts of charity and sacrifice by some and that is a beautiful sight. I should do more and I am not grandstanding since I am speaking from my heart and in earnest this world would be such a better place if we stepped back from having to have all of the attention and goodies given to us and allow love to stand in our place. Others may not be as fortunate as we; we can be givers if it is only our time, love, or understanding. May I be as our Bandit the 2nd, when our sweet Whiskers was drawing his last breaths, jump up and lick his face and lie down beside him and say, “I’m here for you buddy!”
Isaiah 11:6 – The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

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