TODAY THE WORDS are GIFT OF SHARING. One of the truest gifts we can give is sharing. When sharing came to my mind, it brought back one of the sweetest stories my Mother ever shared with me. If you think I have gone down my memory lane, this one is going to go deep in the times around the depression. Mother was born in 1924 with her being the second child of a large family of nine children. These were very hard times, hard times indeed of which my generation and several afterwards have not seen. Momma and her siblings had usually a baked sweet potato and a biscuit in their pail for lunch and were happy to have that to eat. She, according to her, was slightly embarrassed as others brought better lunches causing Momma to sit away from the others to avoid them seeing her slight lunch. One young girl, an only child, whose family were affluent, came over to Momma and asked if she could sit with her and eat lunch. I can still see Momma when she was telling this, she was both excited to have a friend but somewhat caught off guard as this girl had great lunches. The amazing part of this story comes now. Momma’s new friend wanted to share her lunch and she had sausage, ham, and chicken (depending on different days) and sometimes sweet treats as cookies or cake. She insisted on Momma having lunch with her and it was delicious according to how Momma told it with a big smile on her face. As years passed, and they both married and went into different directions, they didn’t run into each other. Momma was in her mid 70’s when the chance meeting occurred in Holt’s Bakery (owned by Momma’s family’s restaurant) and while Momma was there having lunch, in walked the school friend from so many years. Momma, not able to walk fast at this time, managed to go to her friend’s table and started to tell her thank you for being so sweet and for sharing her lunch with her and the surprise reaction was incredible. Her friend stopped Momma and said these words, “No, it is me that should be thanking you. I was an only child and didn’t have brothers and sisters to play with and I was lonely. I looked forward to our lunchtime as the best time of the day and your friendship meant so much to me. I only shared my lunch; you shared your love.”
When Momma told me this story, and she told it several times, she would have a glow of love that made her eyes twinkle. Now the deeper thought…..it is not about money, it is not about what a person has or has not; we each have so much to give to each other. It doesn’t have to be wrapped and it doesn’t have to cost a penny, but God gave us the biggest gift of all when He gave us love. Even if we give away a ton of love; it replenishes with even more in its place.
Luke 11:3
 Give us each day our daily bread.

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