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TODAY THE WORDS are A LITTLE SIP AT A TIME. When Greg brought me my cup of coffee as he does every morning with a little sip to insure that it takes just right, a thought came to my mind about taking a little sip at a time. In this life, we sometimes get so thirsty, we forget to take small sips and try to gulp down as much as we possibly can trying to stop our thirst. When we take big gulps, sometimes it is hard to swallow and we can choke on the liquid. Also, if it is a hot drink, it can burn our mouth, tongue or even our throat going down. Sipping small amounts slowly helps the process and helps insure a satisfactory taste and pleasure. Greg also asks me, “small cup or big cup” and sometimes my answer varies with the day of the week. During the week, I am writing the blog, sending a report for work, and getting ready for work; therefore the need for a smaller cup. On Saturday morning, especially, I have my “Arline” time and a big cup is needed for me to sip while I am catching up on news, family, friends, and much of “nothing important” things. I take small sips, savor life, and recap the week’s progress. Now for the deeper thought……I also use this time for a recap of what God has done for me and also what have I done for HIM. I think my life is summed up in “a little sip at a time”. If I really stopped and thought of the condition of this world and all of the prophesied future events, I might choke on the big gulp of reality of this world as it stands and eventually will fall. If I believe, which I most certainly do, I know that if I sip each blessing as it comes, each trial as it comes, each little sip of life, and I savor the great taste of love; my cup of life is so delicious and satisfying. Some people don’t drink coffee, but think of the glass of water, lemonade (oh, I could use the lemons as a great reference) or whatever is sipped as your guide. A little sip at a time is a good idea and we should take the time to thank Our Maker for the opportunity as God gives us a cup of life every day, takes a taste to make sure it is good, and warns us if it is too hot to drink. When we heed the warnings, take little sips, and as I do with Greg and thank God for each cup bestowed on us……LIFE can be so wonderful!
Isaiah 44:3          
For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.

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