TODAY THE WORDS are WHAT MILE MARKER IS IT?  Years ago, and I am admitting this, when I first starting traveling in my work, I somehow had missed the information that mile markers are placed one mile apart. I know that sounds like I am less than intelligent but some of you are relating to this confession. Maybe it was because I was traveling at a fast pace and I didn’t slow down to think about such things as mile markers, and maybe even a few speed limit signs. I had to be somewhere at such a time and it was hurry, hurry, and hurry up some more. I can’t say life wasn’t exciting and I experienced going to a lot of places in this time frame. The mile markers were there and when the first time someone asked me what mile marker was it, the light came on when I realized the next one, and the next one coordinated with my mileage marker in my car. I am far from stupid, but I wanted to share this story with you for a deeper reason and thought. A dear lifetime friend suggested this topic and this subject is one we need to think about in life. As I was going through life, not paying attention to this “helpful information” which was in front of my face during each trip, only to go unnoticed until someone asked me, What Mile Marker Is It? I ask you, my dear friends, what mile marker in life are you positioned? At what point in life do we slow down from the fast driving, look around for the signs which will tell us where we are in our souls, and give us a benchmark on how much farther we have to travel before we get to our designation. I know from my personal experience, when I started to look for the mile markers of life, using them as a gauge on my progress in life, understanding my purpose and the time frame to get to where I want to go, and know how far I have been; life has become more meaningful, more focused on the important position I find myself in, and most importantly, I have learned that the fast pace of life can be harmful, accidents can happen, lives can be lost if we don’t watch where we are going, and there are law officials (God) watching our life driving habits and sometimes, we get a warning ticket to make us aware we need to be watchful, careful, dedicated to our cause in life, and obey the rules of life that we have been given. Next time, you are on the highway and see a mile marker, think about exactly which God’s mile marker are you  and smile if you are making good progress, make sure you are not crossing the center lane (main street trends and habits) and keep your car (soul) steady and straight. Life is a journey and it can be very scenic but also can be very treacherous. What Mile Marker Is It for Us?
Matthew 6:33 ESV     

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

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