TODAY THE WORDS are UNITED IN LOVE. I have been asked several times how do you decide what subject to write for the blog. Sometimes, I have no idea until I touch the keyboard and other times, a certain phrase, an event, or a conversation brings one to mind. Today, twelve years ago, I married the love of my life. This was not either’s first marriage and I know both of us loved our previous partners and I am not intending to disrespect the other unions. When Greg and I met, it was love at first sight, and I can imagine several of my readers are saying, “Right?” It was as if we had known each other forever. After both of us being in former relationships, we had to establish some ground rules for this relationship to make it. Love, trust, honesty, and faith had to be part of our daily life and we made a pact to not argue about our blended children. That has been the easiest to follow as I fell in love with his sons and he feels the same about my daughter. We both are assertive persons and along with the love, passion, and life; this was the hardest battle of love. What we found out was we didn’t need to battle; no one was going to win. Then came the deepest decision……we choose not to engage. Do you understand what I mean by not engaging with your spouse? I didn’t ever try this in my former relationships and it is amazing how better a relationship can be if this is practiced. Life is a compromise, but one partner cannot be the only one compromising; it has to be a decision as to which times is it important to compromise. Love is meant to be gentle and kind; love is not meant to be a battleground. This time around, Greg and I both agreed to disagree but respect each other. Love to us is having our individual personalities but we been have joined as one as a couple. Both of us want strong partners and therefore we cannot squelch each other’s strengths. When difficult times come, we need each other to be strong if at that time or circumstances, we feel weak. I used to smile at pictures of older couples holding hands, looking tenderly into each other’s eyes, and smiling that special smile at the other one and now, I can see with God’s grace, we could be that couple. With love comes nurturing, supporting, loyalty, trust, honesty, and a little “puppy love” to keep it together. So many of my family and friends were blessed to have their lifetime partner as their only husband or wife; Greg and I had to learn some important lessons in life, love and giving. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, my dear friend, and my lifetime partner. I love you and I happen to like you!
Genesis 2:24     
Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
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