TODAY THE WORD is SUPERGLUE. This is such a “sticky” subject but this is what came up this morning. When I was young, there was not superglue available and we used Elmer’s glue and airplane glue, etc. Dr.Harry Wesley Coover first happened upon the super-sticky adhesive — more formally known as cyanoacrylates — by accident when he was experimenting with acrylates for use in clear plastic gun-sights during World War II. He gave up because they stuck to everything they touched. In 1951, a researcher named Fred Joyner, who was working with Dr. Coover at Eastman Kodak’s laboratory in Tennessee glued two expensive lab lenses together and they could not be separated…..SuperGlue was born by destroying an expensive piece of equipment. How many times has superglue come to the rescue in your life? How many things would have gone to the trash if it hadn’t been for the superglue. I can tell you I have even glued two of my fingers together and thought I was maimed for life, forever stuck. Fortunately, I was able to get them apart. Now for the deeper, stickier thought……..In your life, there have been several times that you felt you were coming apart and would be in broken pieces forever. Your heart may have been shattered in a thousand pieces; your financial world fell into only mounds of pennies; your family may have been torn apart and you may have felt it impossible to put it together again. Trust me, I have felt this way and I even felt that no superglue could mend my life together. Then I got acquainted with the best SuperGlue in the universe….Our God. He started a piece at a time, carefully matching all of the fragile edges, holding it into place until the glue secured and dried (I think of the drying of all of my tears) and I had a few signs of where I had been put back together but I was useable again. It doesn’t matter how badly broken a soul is, God has the strength far superior than “Gorilla” glue and mends us in a way that we actually are chip proof with His Love and Care. Today, if you are broken, try God’s bottle of SuperLove Glue and allow God to mend all of your chips and breakage. You will be better than new; you will be on your way to rebuilding your life in a protected way.

Job 41:17 King James Version.

They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered.

(c) copyright 2012 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.


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