TODAY THE WORDS are KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and bring up some thought provoking memories. As a small girl, my family lived in Chicago for several years and they had a large amusement park, Riverview. It had rides and rides and more rides! This was an exciting adventure and I was fairly young. I wanted to go on the big rides, but when it came to the roller coaster, which at the time, was the highest and fastest in the country and maybe in the world. It would start with a few smaller climbs and then drop and climb again. I had a tendency to close my eyes when we started down and I would open my eyes when we would climb. For some reason, it took the fear out of it for me if I closed my eyes. I would miss part of the ride by closing my eyes, but I didn’t seem to care about that. Now, on to the movie theatre. Scary movies seemed to be our preference (this was probably due to our uncles scaring us with those ghost stories when they babysat us) and again, at a certain point in the movie, according to the music getting louder, we closed our eyes. Then, and I think this is so funny, we would ask the one that didn’t close their eyes……What happened? In life, sometimes we think it is easier if we close our eyes to what is happening around us. I am not referring to literally closing our eyes, but refusing to actually see what is going on. Young people need direction, even if they say they don’t. Children, when they misbehave, need to know that parents see their behavior and check it if it is not appropriate. We need to have our eyes open when policies and rights change in this country and keep our eyes and minds focused to the very things that make this country great and be willing to say how we feel about what is going on. In our relationships we need to keep our eyes open (and not roll them at our spouses) and be aware of the love we share. In our faith, we need to keep our eyes and hearts on the heavens. Life can be beautiful and we need to see all of God’s beauty. I usually pray with my eyes closed, and I had a deeper thought….as in my younger days, when I wanted to shut out things I couldn’t feel safe about; I shut my eyes. When I pray I am shutting out all of the distractions and things I fear. I am seeing without my eyes; I am seeing with my faith.
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) Matthew 6:22
The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

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