TODAY THE WORD is WHAT IS A PERSON TO DO?  In this world, with all of the politically correctness or as I choose to think, “politically incorrectness”, I have started to wonder “what is a person to do?”. If I believe in freedom of speech, and I do, I believe that all people have a right to express their feelings, opinions, likes or dislikes. Did you think that way too? Someone forgot that “all” people should be able to say they disagree with issues and now, this “freedom” only applies to anyone who is different from the normal mainstream population. I need to say now, I am not a hater of any kind, but I do not advocate any lifestyle that would hurt others such as murderers, sex offenders, domestic violence offenders, etc. I do want to get some people thinking however, so if we are to accept all lifestyles, why do we not have to accept these people….oh no! People who advocate tolerance want their cake and eat it too. They will readily “hate” the murderers, the sex offenders, and domestic violence offenders, and I agree to “hate” their actions; but aren’t the tolerant people being intolerant in this thinking? Also, how tolerant is it for them to say Christians are the intolerant ones when they are voicing their intolerance to the actions and not the person. Now, I am not blind to the fact there are haters in this world; Christians too, are being attacked for our beliefs. How about that for intolerance. I think, before you can express your feelings on anything, be sure you truly believe in what you are saying. I don’t have all of the answers, but I have my beliefs and whether or not, you believe or don’t believe the same way, I am going to respect we disagree on issues, but also respect your beliefs, even though I disagree. Are you following me this morning? I am saying that in a society, where we have so much diversity, we are not ever going to agree on everything. I also say that we have to find a way to “agree to disagree” in a respectful way. God gives us a choice of how we live our lives and I am not telling anyone else how to live their life as I am a person who strongly believes I don’t have that right. I have the God given, constitution protected rights to believe the way I want to live my life and that is all I am saying. As people are reading this, some are going to agree, some are going to disagree, and that is okay with me. Remember, we are all God’s children, and God loves us all, but He may not agree with how we live our lives either. Live life, love life and live life to the fullest!
1 Peter 4:8          

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

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