TODAY THE WORDS are SKATING PAST THE OTHERS. This post is dedicated to my brother “in law” Troy who is having a procedure to remove some arterial blockage and insert stints. Prayers for him are going up in so many directions. While praying this morning, I had him and my sister on my mind. The reason I wrote “in law” is because I have always felt Troy seemed like a real brother. I know you might be wondering what does skating past the others has to do with Troy. When we were younger roller skating was a “in” thing and there was a skating rink at a place called Lake Bea. Troy and Juanelle took us there to skate. There was music to skate by. I was learning how to skate, so prolific I was not. I had gotten to the point of turning loose of the rail and I ventured out onto the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Troy and others gliding by fast and with rhythm and I wanted to do it their way. Troy was tall and his long legs were taking long strides and he skated past the others so easily. Well, this adventurous girl was not going to be outdone, so I started learning how to go around the corners by picking up one skate and crossing over the other one. Now, I was moving, skating at least with the rest of the “non pros” and it was fun! I was getting the hang of this skating thing and then it happened……Mr. Glider himself, Troy came up behind me and touched my back, intending on congratulating me on my progress right at the same instant I was doing my now famous lift of the skate to corner and down I went! Bam, and the entire skating audience witnessed my “shame”. Of course Troy being the nice guy he has always been wanted to know if I was okay and helped me up. He went on to skate past the others and I was embarrassed. I went on to become a decent skater, never like Troy and others, who skated past the other skaters with a dance like movement. I learned a valuable lesson that day and now to share the deeper thought……Some dance, some skate, some sing, some play great sports, some are great horsemen, some are great swimmers, some are not meant to do all of these things in a great way and some of us write! The real meaning is try hard, but do not beat yourself up when you don’t measure up with others; find something you can do and do it well. The ones that skated past you will applaud you when you find something you love to do! Live life; love life and live life to the fullest! Troy, we are pulling for you and skate past the others today and get well!
1 Corinthians Chapter 924 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

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