TODAY THE WORDS are SCARED OF THE DARK? Today is a good day to ponder the subject of being scared of the dark. As children, it seemed different when our parents turned out the light or we turned out the lights and had to find our way to the bed. We sometimes tripped or bumped into things we couldn’t see. Night lamps became popular and that seemed to remove some of the “dark fear” and we went to sleep easily. We are going to talk about why some people have this fear even into adulthood. Houses now have more built in lights coming from appliances, computers, DVDs, etc. and I laugh that it looks more like airplane runways than a dark house. People have installed track lighting to avoid the dark and little lights along the hallways seem to be everywhere. But why is there a different feeling behind the darkness? My thoughts about the darkness is that fear is  mostly associated with “bad guys, crime, evil, and scary things”. It goes back to both fairy tales and stories told by others to scare us, and also from the holy scriptures. Nothing bad usually occurs in the bright open sunlight, right? Usually all of the scary stories take us to the night or darkness and the reference to evil or fearful things is sometimes “black”. Now for my deeper thought on darkness…..for the first part of our life, we are scared of the dark; we grow up and we venture into the darkness of life, not necessarily the true evil of life, but darkness which draws us away from the light of life, God. We sometimes choose lifestyles, hobbies, habits, etc which are not centered in light, but have a darker side and it can be tempting to live this way. We can lose the fear of the night and engage in more trendy events. We can be drawn into darkness and therefore we lose the sunlight of life. Only when we see, and unfortunately we usually have a long trip back to the light of life, that we were born with a fear of the darkness for a reason; to keep us in the light and favor of God. Think about how wonderful the bright sunlight feels on your face after a long rainy dreary dark period. This is meant to awaken the soul when we bask in the rays of God and goodness. It is raining today, but in my heart the SON is shining and it makes for a beautiful, well lit day for me to see all of the blessings of life coming my way. For those of you who relate to this message, you feel the Son. For those who don’t feel it; step into the SON shine and your day will be brighter and your life fuller.
Romans 6:23  King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord

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