TODAY THE WORDS are NEW GROWTH. This morning, Greg took pictures of our 2013 lily crop and it hit me to write on new growth. Have you stopped and thought on the subject of how plants will blossom and bloom their hearts out producing the most incredible growth during a season and then go into a season of rest until another season begins the process all over again. With each season, most of the effort goes into the blooms but I noticed something else. You have most likely noticed that with each season that the mother plant grows larger and/or multiplies. I looked at one of our lily beds and each year surprised at how many more are bursting through the ground and they begin their journey in the “plant life”. The different colors and leaves make such a presence and are visible for neighbors and animals to see. Greg spends a lot of time “grooming” the plants with proper feedings, weed control, pruning, replacing the mulch chips, etc. He watches over them for any signs of invasions by bugs. He edges the beds making a pretty frame for the plants’ display. All of the work happens before and after the blooming season in preparation for the next season. It is very rewarding for us to post pictures as the new blooms occur and we keep folders for us to look back at them and talk about how great they looked this year, last year and so on. Now for the deeper thought……as I watch this process I thought of how there are lessons in life in all things! If Greg did not watch, oversee, give his time and efforts, feed and water properly, prune, keep the weeds (bad things) out of the surroundings, etc., his flowers would not thrive the beautiful way they do. He pays attention before and after the plants start the season, he nourishes them throughout their lifetime, makes room when they multiply and genuinely cares about their health and welfare………Parents, are you getting the message with this? As parents, we are given the gardener’s task with our children. We feed and give nourishment, and by monitoring our children’s activities, we can keep a lot of weeds out of their lives, and we provide shelter, education, and guide them to become “mother and father” plants and the process begins again. God is the master gardener and He provides all of us the necessities in life and watches for us to blossom, bloom and reproduce other magnificent off springs. Let us work in our soul gardens of life and become the show flowers for Our Master Gardener!

 Isaiah 40:8          
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.


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