TODAY THE WORDS are A TIP OF THE HAT.  I  happened to be going through the channel surfing process looking for a good movie which didn’t contain foul language in it and happened to pass through a channel with an old move playing. I had seen the movie many times before. At this particular point of the movie was when the gentleman tipped his hat to the lady. He did it with such style, it brought a thought to me. We are in the times, when gentlemen don’t wear as many hats, and the hats you see are ball caps. This may have set a precedent with the demise of the hat apparel being a symbol of courtesy and “gentlemanship”. Where did chivalry disappear? One of the most charming things my husband does for me is to open my door for me. After being divorced for many years, I had become accustomed to opening my car doors and I certainly didn’t have the door held for me. I was impressed with his manners and thoughtfulness and it meant respect to me when he so graciously opened and held doors. I went back to those moments when I saw this gesture on TV and wondered when, either most guys stopped being gentlemen or woman stopped expecting it or appreciating it. To me, it happened when the liberation came to town. Women were so busy getting themselves liberated, the expression, “I can do it myself” replaced, “Thank you, I appreciate you doing this for me.” I realize any time you make progress in some areas, you may lose in other areas. It is not the action that is missed, as most women are fully capable of opening a door; it is the loss of the chivalry that had changed the dynamics of the relationship. Now for that deeper thought you knew was coming… life, are we as a society losing that special thoughtfulness and respect for each other? I see many people talking about others just to make themselves look better; I see parents as well as children disrespecting each other; I hear couples full of bitterness instead of loving each other; I see foul language being spoken in public or places as if the people are in a bar instead of a place where children and other adults go as a family; and I see people disrespecting others’ faith and beliefs while at the same time, they don’t practice their own faith in the ways they were taught. When a golfer at the Masters golf tournament walks onto the 18th green where the gallery is waiting, it is still customary for the golfer to tip his hat and usually they even lift it before placing it back on their head. This is respect to the people who have supported them and applaud their efforts. In life, it is God who stays in our game of life and supports us in all things. Shouldn’t we tip our hats to God for all of the blessings and the opening of doors for us? Today, in our hearts, may we tip our hats to Our Maker!

Proverbs 29:23 – A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.

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