Luna looks like she is asking why all of the time!

TODAY THE WORDS are WHY DO WE ASK WHY?  This is a very sensitive subject and I may not have everyone’s agreement with my thoughts on this subject and I understand. First, let us go back to remembering as a child, one of the first questions we learn is “why?” We ask our parents over and over until the word, why, becomes a dreaded word and it loses its importance. It is an important word, but sometimes a parent doesn’t have the answer that truly explains. The parent understands the foundation for the action, and they understand the end result of the action, but the actions that take place to get to the end result don’t have an explanation during the process. I am confident parents reading this get the message. It may not be easy to express or even answer the why question; we keep moving forward. During our lifetime, we ask the question why thousands of time; sometimes getting a response and sometimes not! Things change; events happen; hearts get broken; lives are taken; changes and more changes as we get older. As a young adult of good intelligence, I once thought I had to have an answer for everything. I am one of those children who challenged and questioned anything I didn’t understand. I became a “digger” for information and anyone that knows me very well knows that if I don’t know an answer; I dig for information; I research and I ask questions. Knowing that, you can imagine how I react when I come across a situation when there is no immediate answer to my question. It took me many times in my life of facing times when there cannot be a rational explanation as to why something happened to someone I loved. It caused me so much turmoil and stress and interrupted my life; I couldn’t find an answer even when I prayed. Only when, and here comes the deeper thought…..I came to “understand” that I don’t need to “understand” everything in this world and when I learned to trust in God’s wisdom and not my own wisdom or lack of wisdom on my part, did my life become calmer and more adaptable. Life happens, God’s plan not ours is the Master Plan. My prayers have changed during this time of my life as I ask for peace and comfort during difficult times and for “acceptance” of life’s course. It is not necessary that we understand why; we need to understand the need to trust Our Maker, the One who created all of us; and pray for Divine Understanding of the “preferred end result of Eternity in Heaven”.
Isaiah 55:8-9

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.

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