TODAY THE WORDS are “MATER SANDWICHES”. Okay, I am in my Georgia fields now and probably most of you that live outside of the south aren’t familiar with good ole “mater” or for our society friends, “tomato” sandwiches. One of FB friend’s displayed a picture of  Walter Joe’s fine 2013 tomato crop with a mention of bread and mayo and then my mouth watered at this yummy thought. I have eaten in Five Star Restaurants and country diners and have experienced French, Italian, German, Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Chinese cuisines. I will say that I enjoy a variety of cuisines and relish in the variety. However, when I think of something I look forward to every year and wait until the new crop of Georgia garden grown tomatoes is announced. There has to be the best mayo, the softest bread, and several slices of tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. Some people peel the tomatoes and some even take out the seeds, but I want the tomato unpeeled and with those seeds and I am ready for my feast. Oh, I love BLTs, and turkey sandwiches, burgers all with those delicious tomatoes but the first sandwich has to be a good ole stand alone mater sandwich. Why does it taste so good? I think it is the soil that provides the proper acidity and richness to the tomato. It is the “quick trip to the produce stand” or even better, right out of a friend’s garden or even your own. Now for the deeper thought…..and you are thinking how can a deeper thought come from a tomato sandwich, but it can.  I can see how our life is built similarly as a tomato sandwich. We live in our own garden of life. A lot does depend on our surroundings and how our garden is tended. I am not of the belief that our life is totally determined by our environment, but sometimes it does affect the amount of obstacles (or weeds in our garden). If we have more weeds, it only means it will take more work for our garden to be productive. We need love to provide the proper nutrients for our growth. We need tending and this is  how the parents, family, friends, church network can assist in the “hoeing” of the rows. We need Our Gardener to provide the sunshine and the rain as both are necessary for the proper growth (I see this as the trials we go through and the blessings bestowed on us) and then I see the picking and bringing into the market (our character is brought full circle) and we are ready to be part of the meal (society, family, and spiritual). When we are presented to Our Gardener, He will say “That is a great mater! It has grown in My Spirit to be the best it can be!” I may stop a minute before my first “mater” sandwich this year and say a prayer of thanks for the proper gardening!
John 15:5          
I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.


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