TODAY THE WORDS are “I’M GONNA”.  I may be “gonna” step on some toes this morning, but I am only chastising myself too. When life presents us with opportunities to do something good for others as well as ourselves, I feel we sometimes say, “I’m gonna” and we really do mean to do something but we allow other distractions to keep us from doing what we need to do. Procrastination can be a demon, folks and we justify ourselves by the normal excuses of I work, we have animals to take care, the yards, our hobbies, our friends, and even sometimes church (I tred lightly here as I am not referring to the good work being done in churches but the extra curricular activities). I will talk from my heart and “if the shoe fits” as Momma would say; you can read this with “shame on Arline” and take all of this with a grain of salt. I have always worked very hard and I am not complaining; I have been blessed to be able to work. Because of that work, I have said many times, I need to get some rest and usually it does help me keep working. At the same time, when I should have visited more people and showed them love; I rested. When I could have done more giving, loving, and caring gestures; I used one of the many reasons stated above and now for the deeper thought……I missed out on a lot of great opportunities to feel good, and to know I had done something pleasing to Our God. God affords us these opportunities, not only for the person who will appreciate the gesture immensely; He wants to give us a “feel good” feeling. If you will take a second and remember when you reached out and touched another person’s heart the wonderful, warm feeling you received. That’s right, YOU! When we say, “I’m gonna” we rob ourselves and not only the other person God is trying to arrange benefits and blessings for both of us. I have tried in the last few years to get over the “I’m gonna” and say “I am”. I haven’t gotten to the point that I don’t say I need a little rest as I am getting a little older but now, trying to go and do with a loving heart and I get a blessing too. Last night, I received such a blessing from not only seeing one of our grandsons “graduate” from Pre-school and visit precious family members who are going through a difficult time. My advice to me and others is don’t cheat yourself out of God’s blessings. The saying “it is better to give than receive” is really interpreted as “when you give, you will receive”.
Acts 20:35          
In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

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