TODAY THE WORDS are ICING ON THE CAKE. On a recent trip home to celebrate Easter, we took some beautifully decorated cupcakes for the children and this morning a thought about the cupcakes came running through my mind so I thought I would share it with you. I watched how the children ate the cupcakes in different approaches. Jonas ate his with cake and icing together and it seems similar to how people go at life; taking it all in at once and not separating priority to any one thing. The girls that were visiting ate their cupcakes differently (this brought to mind it is not gender that separates things by priority or preference). One of the girls ate hers slower than Jonas but ate cake with icing and the other one ate icing only and then asked for another one. She and Nolan, who ate the icing only are the “people of life” not the children that I am focusing on today. As an observer of many things and especially people, I have seen this same habit in so many people. When given the whole gambit of life to taste and savor with an opportunity to combine duties or opportunities (which I like to refer) they choose only the “icing”. When I look at couples sometimes, I see only one of the couple taking on a lot of responsibilities while the other one seems to eat “the icing” while leaving the responsibilites to the other one, who may or may not prefer to eat the whole cupcake of life; they have no choice by the inactions of the one who sits by, and eats the icing (or choosing only the responisibilities or events they enjoy). The easiest relationships are the ones where both participants are eating their fair share of life’s responsibilities and then enjoy the icing together. My parents both worked hard, but my Dad was brought up to think that housework was woman’s work. I am telling it like it is with no intent to disrespect my Dad as he worked hard. It put a lot more stress on my Mom who could not rest when she got home. Tensions can come when one person only wants the icing if you are following this thought. Life is hard but is easier when both spouses, or even parent and child share responsibilities. In work and community, this thought applies too. People who are selfish in their thinking and choose only the icing put a lot more strain on the person who recognizes the need to do all things in life. Today, when the icing looks delicious and it is tempting to eat only the sweeter; add some cake into the mouth of life and it may surprise you how well it tastes together.
1 Peter 4:10     

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:

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