Thomas Kincaide’s rendition of Footprints in the Sand

TODAY THE WORDS are THE NEXT STEP.  This subject is not particularly meant for the next step in a project, but is meant for the discussion of how difficult taking another step when faced with adversity or sickness. For everyone who is blessed with good health, this may not have the impact as the ones who are struggling today. Let us take this subject back to an infant for simplicity’s sake. The parents are determined that their child will be the one to walk at an early age so there is a powerful effort for  the baby to take its first steps. We ooh and aw at their efforts right before the plop on the floor. What I want to remind everyone is the look on the baby’s face when they are standing, sometimes wobbly to take that next step. If you could read their mind, what do you think is running through that sweet mind? Fear? Excitement, Joy? It is probably all of the above emotions combined into one scary excited moment. Let us move on into life further down the road and the step into marriage, and here those feelings come again with that walk down the aisle. Life goes on and the steps get even quicker and for most, many years pass. We age, we have worked for many years, and we start slowing down a little. The next step is probably harder as we start experiencing the normal difficulties of life with losing people we love and we have to step on in life without that loved one(s). We have to deal with difficult steps with changes in work; places we live; relationship changes; and health issues, and so forth. This is when the next step takes a more complex anxiety to most and a lot of hesitation comes with each next step. It is not the same as the infant’s first step as it is usually not inclusive of excitement. I remember when my Mother expressed to me, “I have to be careful and walk a little slower as I don’t want to fall”. By this action, she managed to be independent longer and it was a wise thing, but also filled with the knowledge the next step could be dangerous. Now for the deeper thought……we are only a few steps from leaving this earth, that is a promise unless the rapture happens prior to our death….we don’t know how many next steps we have. Because of the unknown amount of steps, we don’t want to lose the chance of making the next step into glory. We need to walk in the path of Our God, giving Him the praise for the ability to make each step with us! Step High and Wise in Life!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

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