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TODAY THE WORDS are WHAT’S IN A NAME? With me writing over 200 posts on the blog, I thought it might be a good idea to tell all of the viewers a little about myself and don’t worry, there will be a life lesson in this one too. Let me start by telling you how I came about my first name, Arline. My father, Arlie told my Mother, who was expecting me the fourth child and apparently the last, he wanted one child to be named after him. At that time, there were two famous ladies, Arlene Dahl, an actress and Arlene Francis, singer and actress (notice the difference in spelling from my name). Mom agreed that if it were a girl, it would be Arlene and if a boy, Arlie. No wonder I am a different type as the nurse hearing that the child was going to be named after Daddy, when I came out a girl, she put my name on the birth certificate, Arline, therefore starting the dilemma. When I see my classmates writing Arlene, I just smile as I went through school as Arlene as Mom taught me to spell it. When I started doing  legal things, I noticed on my birth certificate my name was actually Arline so I changed the spelling. What happened was people misspelled my name and I would have to repeat it over and over. Even when I spelled it out, they wrote Arlene. Now this may seem trivial to you, but I know every one reading this post and having an unusual spelling is right here with me on this. What I found out, and this may be irrelevant to you is people remember you more if your name is spelled differently and it has served me well by being Arline. Now for the deeper thought…..my name which is different is important to me, not for business or marketing; it is because I was named after my Father who loved us and I have always been proud to have been Daddy’s girl. I learned so much from both of my parents and I am proud to have been their child, the baby, as the only time my Mom would usually call me Arline was when I was doing something wrong. I smile and think sometime, they could have named me Juanelle, my dear sister’s name which is not only misspelled all of the time, no one usually pronounces it correctly (the stories I can tell about her name). What is in a name? Think of the name God and what magnificent power comes from calling His Name. We are a product of our name as it reflects a result of a person’s life. Do you smile when you say certain people’s name or do you cringe? There is a lot in a name and if we give it our best, someone will say good things when they mention your name.  Live life, love life and live life to the fullest and listen for your name to be called in Heaven!
Proverbs 22:1  King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold

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