TODAY THE WORDS are “MAY I SPEAK?” Yesterday on the blog, with it topic, I┬áreceived good responses on my FB page with both sides of the coin showing up and it excited me enough to write on this topic, “May I speak?” this morning. As most of you who know me, realize that I go back to my childhood for some of life’s lessons. This doesn’t mean I am childish, and I certainly did not realize I was in a life lesson at the time. I was very conservative as a child and I was not one to put my opinions out there on a regular basis. I was more open with my family and my closest friends but shy around people I didn’t know. There were so many times if the older Arline spirit had been present, I would have expressed more about certain subjects. I missed opportunities, some may have been good and some may have been bad ones. Do you remember the classmates that always stated their opinions? Some of them went on to great professions using that decisive trait while most of the ones who found their voices later, lost some important time. I found mine, probably to the regret of some, but nevertheless, I learned to speak up for issues and matters important to me, my family, friends, and the country. No, I am not a politician and never had the desire to be one, even though I would like to see some people whom I know have the ability to change things get on the platform of life and change a lot of current policies. A voice without sound makes no impact, so speak up on subjects you feel strongly. Everyone may or may not agree with you and that is permissible too. When I present a subject, I am open to discussion. Now for the deeper thought…..There are times when we ask God to help us with things we could handle on our own. I have learned God needs to be in every aspect of our lives and it seems as if we take that knowledge as God wants to handle everything for us. That can be a door to “soul laziness”. God wants us to help ourselves as well as others. He wants us to be strong and dedicated to a life of goodness. Boy, do I think we overwork Our God. God will be there for us in the big issues of life; God is there for those moments when our feet will not take us any farther; but let’s give Our Maker a break sometime. Speak up, speak with love and grace, act on issues we need to express our beliefs, and by all means, pray when you reach a point you need to say, “God, what’s that and have You got this?”.

Hezekiah 6:1

God helps those who help themselves!”
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