TODAY THE WORDS are DELETE BUTTON.  First, let us take the word delete before I address the delete button topic. What does the word delete mean to you? The dictionary states:

As a Verb….
Remove or obliterate (text), esp. by drawing a line through it or marking it with a delete sign: “the passage was deleted”.
As for me, I think it is not meant for keystrokes specifically. The synonyms for delete are: erase – cancel – obliterate – efface – expunge. These synonyms get me closer to my thoughts this morning. Now, let us go to the “delete button” topic. I find the delete button very important in our technical world. We make an error, we click on the delete button and it goes away. Sometimes, in our haste, we accidentally hit “delete” and something we wanted disappears before our eyes and then we search for the reversal arrow to bring it back into our sight and text. I found it a little scary at first, but now I use it on a regular basis. You can correct a lot by using the delete button, but be prepared to lose it or have to go through a process to get it back. Now for the deeper thought……If we think of our life as the keyboard on a computer, we can draw some thoughts from it. We can do a variety of words, symbols, numbers; in other words, our lives are not set in any one “text”. We do have choices and spacing. We can actually “format” what we want to accomplish. However, there is always the “typos” in life. They are the misspelled words or just the word implanted incorrectly; or the times in our life we wish we could change or do differently or at the very least, wish we hadn’t done those things at all. We can add smiley faces, hearts, funny lines, etc. In other words we can enjoy our lives. It can have humor, mystery, or even fiction (I am not not talking about being dishonest, but that does happen sometime). Wow, will I ever look at my keyboard in the same way? What if we have made a total mess of our “document of life” and it doesn’t make sense? It is time to hit the delete button which is God who exists and watches over our “life document”. He is ready when we see we have lost our “theme” of life and He is ready to erase, cancel, obliterate, efface and most importantly, expunge. Removing all of the bad things from our life and letting us start with a fresh, new page to fill with goodness, charity and lots of love for family and friends. If we look for the delete button, we find ourselves with the best editing tool in life! Happy Life Typing!
Hebrews 10:17
17 He concludes, I’ll forever wipe the slate clean of their sins.

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