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TODAY THE WORD is MUGGY.  All of us have experienced the days when the humidity is so high, the air feels very heavy and thick. Those are the days the usual description is “It is so muggy”. think it relates all the way back to the Norse word “mugga” referring to drizzle. The days which are referred with this adjective are the days of heaviness and usually affects our attitudes and sinuses. We sometimes find ourselves a little out of sorts or irritable on those days. I am not blaming our discomfort in life to muggy days but it seems to add to existing discomfort. Here in the south, we experience a lot of days with high humidity and therefore have the extra feel of heaviness. I know, I am one that can feel the lifting of that weight when the humidity drops and it almost feels like I have lost weight. I walk faster and smile more but that is my personal reaction to humid weather. Researchers go back and forth; some say that studies show people feel more tired or depressed with weather atmospheric changes; others state there is not correlation between the seasons and depression or fatigue. I must be among the first group as I definitely feel different with changes in the weather. Now for the deeper thought… Sometime in my life, I felt I had a muggy soul. My life might have been seen by so many as a good life, but my soul felt weighted down or muggy. I went about my life, not light and airy, but with an added weight. I was like the two studies not agreeing what affect my life weather was having on my soul. When God “changed the humidity” or lifestyle; I became lighter in spirit and with each humidity drop (giving up the things weighing my soul down; my life became easier. There have been so many “sunny” days since my life meters became synchronized with God’s meters. Life is to be a joy and we deserve sunny days in our spirit. There are always the days when people we love are suffering; there are the days when we are going through personal trials; there are the days when the humidity of the world seems to hover over our homes or work. The one thing I have learned is I can pray for others, myself, the world, etc. with a lighter spirit than former days. I may not have the answers but it lifts the “fog” of  not needing the answers and receiving acceptance. Sunny days are ahead for us if we trust and believe, “God has this”.
Proverbs 12:25

Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.

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