TODAY THE WORD is TODAY.  This is  a topic from the heart and is meant for all of us, and not directed at anyone but for everyone that is reading. I am a positive person; however there are times when we need to get real. I think there are only a rare amount of people who do not procrastinate in some things. I am not a habitual procrastinator but I put off some things too. Yesterday, three people were taken from this life unexpected and I can only imagine when each one of them woke up yesterday neither one of them knew their “today” was their last day and that is one of the reasons I am touching on this subject. Our hearts go out to their families and friends. Today, if you are reading this blog, you and I were blessed to wake up for another day. If we were told today is our last day, and it may well be, what we would do today? I think about this, and for all of you that know me know that I am not a gloom and doom person. I do however, think about “today” in a positive way as to with how much can I fill today? What can I do that will make a difference to someone? What can I do that will be pleasing to God, my family and my friends? What have I put off that I need to address today? Today is a wonderful new day, and if there is anything left undone, why not take care of it while there is a golden opportunity. Who haven’t we talked to in a long time. I posted one of my little quotes this morning, “If you are waiting on something; time is not waiting on you” and her comment was “I found out about a month ago that time waited long enough,I found some lost relatives that we haven’t seen in 18 years..GOD IS GOOD !! This was the inspiration for this message. We have great things in store for us if we act upon our intentions and call or go see people who we love and have missed. Now for the deeper thought……God has waited on some of His Children to recognize the need to get closer to Him. For those who this message may be hitting close to your heart; today may be the very day for that step. It may be the only day to make that step or you may choose to wait. What I want to say from my heart, the day (that was a today at that time) I made that step; my life got so much happier and easier. Life is to be a wondrous adventure with a beautiful destination at the end. Sometimes, it is that last Today we will have on this earth. How will we fill Today? Live life, love life, and live life to its fullest is my motto! Have a great day, today!
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) Ecclesiastes 11:7Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun:

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