TODAY THE WORDS are SUNNY SIDE UP. When we order eggs at a restaurant, or if I get my special treat of “bull eyes” cooked by Greg, I love them “sunny side up”. A lot of people order their eggs differently and I am not focusing on the differences but why we order differently. A proper sunny side egg is cooked with the yolk intact, the white cooked completely. Being from the south, I enjoy eggs with grits together and the way sunny side eggs have more liquid and some solid part, it blends with the grits wonderfully. Some people do not mix the grits together and they might choose over well, scrambled, or they could choose sunny side too. The reason I mention the other methods is there is variety in most foods and/or life. We have choices and it is important to make the right choices. The best example is watching someone who orders his or her eggs a certain way and if they come prepared differently. It becomes very important and not just a choice. I don’t fault the one who orders the eggs and it is not usually the server who also prepares the food; so not the server’s fault either (exception if they didn’t make it clear to the cook/chef). Now, for the deeper thought……Life is so like ordering eggs and we do have choices. Some people are the “sunny side up” and they blend easily with others. They can be by themselves or together in a “crowd of others”. Some “eggs” of life are independent and like to be on their own; in other words the loners and they have trouble being a part of a crowd. Sometimes, they will allow one or two “condiments” or in reality, friends. The well done is a more rigid person and they are “fixed” in their lifestyle, with whom they are friends, and what they like to do. I use these examples to understand how we are different from each other and we don’t react exactly as other people react. If we understand this principle, and even though we have preferences, we can accept the differences in others. I am probably a good example of “sunny side up” personality, but I respect the other types of people too. When you are reading this blog, see which type “egg” you are and which other kind of eggs your friends reflect. The result is there are many types of “eggs” but God only asks us to be ourselves and be a “Good egg”. Hatch some kindness and acceptance today!
Matthew 6:26          
Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

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