TODAY THE WORDS are SIDE STREETS. It seems as if I am going to go on some roads less traveled this morning since the topic is side streets. I am usually a gal that plots where she is going and either GPS or Google directions and try for a straight shot to my destination. However, on a few of our date nights, my husband who usually drives on such occasions has said, “Let’s go a different way” or “Let me show you something”. He takes different routes and enjoys seeing homes and places I would have missed taking the straight shot home. He loves the adventure of seeing something new and the last time he did this, I paid attention. Side streets and roads can be interesting and when they are taken, our eyes are taking in the new scenery and it is not boring at all. I finally got what Greg was telling me during the other trips; look at life as it is going by and not try to live it so fast and hard.  I would call myself a high achiever at most things I go after. If, not for Greg pointing out there are things to see on the side streets, I would keep my short route and probably miss some minor thing that could mean a lot. Many people choose to live on side streets and not main thoroughfares to avoid the main stream traffic and noise. Try to think of the difference of the noise from a major city’s freeway and a main street in a small town. Think of how you can see in the windows of the stores on the street in a small town, but you cannot remember the names of the big stores in the major city streets unless you have gone past them for years. Now for the deeper thought…..a tree can be worth a thousand words; a old couple walking together in their yards can spark a smile;  a couple of dogs playing and tumbling together outside can cause a giggle; and an old house sitting idle after so many years can refresh your memory of the “good ole days”. We, as a nation, are trying to get faster and faster in our technology taking all of the manual labor out of things we do. As a result, we have adjusted our lives to pick up the pace. The technology was designed to allow us more time to take some side streets and travel the road less traveled. More people might pick up photography; others might paint a scene from one of those trips; others might write about it; and others might just stop on the side of one of those side streets and open the door and get some fresh air for a change. God wants us to live life; love life and live life to the fullest! Have a great trip through life!
Isaiah 65:17     

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.

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