TODAY THE WORDS are CIRCUS TENT. how many of you have been to the circus as a child? I understand a lot of you have been as an adult and even though it was fun, I am wanting to go back to the first time you experienced the live circus. The first sight is usually the big top tent which houses the excitement and the “circus people and animals”. With animal protection, you don’t see circuses as we did when we were small. I am not in favor of any cruelty to animals and I am sure we didn’t think any cruelty was being experienced. We looked at the animals as “stars” and were mesmerized by the tricks and shows. The clowns were a big hit and we laughed at their silly antics and makeup. It was their facial expressions which kept us captivated. We watched, we screamed, we were scared, we were amused, and we stayed still with our focus on the big ring! The lions, the tigers, the elephants, the horses, and the dogs were so “smart” or so well trained and they did their acts with perfection. Oh, the days of the circus! I understand, with knowledge of how some animals were treated without care, why the circus days have almost disappeared. Now for the deeper thought…..Life in itself seems to be a circus with all of us appearing in the big ring under the big top and we are in the spotlight. I think, as in the old days of the circus, a lot of people are mistreated and are not given proper care. I am referring to the children and some adults who are expected to “perform” but not given the attention and love they truly need to be a “top act” in life. They go through the mechanics of what is expected but the thrill is not there and there is no excitement due to lack of the positive encouragement. When they don’t perform as expected, they are ridiculed or “beaten” and I don’t necessarily mean a physical beating. When a life performer is constantly critiqued they begin to believe they cannot do better and so we are not given a brilliant performance. Think about how we cheered on the performers in the circus. We applauded, we cheered, and we laughed with them and not at them! If we show our family and friends the same courtesy and encouragement, we can see explosive improvement in the same people. When the dog performers and you can relate to your own pets are given treats (or in people kind, positive words) they are excited about doing it again. Think positive, applaud good deeds, encourage the one attempting to do good, support the down trodden, and love all people. I heard a Preacher yesterday giving God’s command to Love Each Other and to To Love without Color; in other words, we are to love all of The Universal Ringmaster, Our God!.

Ephesians 4:29                
Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

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