TODAY THE WORDS are WHO CAME UP WITH THAT?  My husband is a History buff and he had the show on the history of the corn chip and then the potato chip and this topic seem to inspire my thoughts on “who came up with that?”. I am not in the same category as Greg is with his curiosity of the history of so many creations, products, ideas, and events. Somehow, this show slowed me down to watch it. Both Greg and I were astonished at how many companies Frito Lay owns and how many of the snack products came from the original corn chip idea to expand the company. How many of you know that Frito Lay was started with a borrowed $100 from Charles Elmer Doolin’s mother? He bought the recipe, a hand held ricer and a few retail accounts and began his company. I am not going to focus on this business, but when you have time, it is interesting to follow his and Herman Lay’s association. What I do want to focus is the idea behind “coming up with a great idea”. So many times, I have picked up something and wondered who came up with that? My uncle, Cecil Holt, inventor of Holt’s Nut Wizard and other inventions, has shared with others that his inventions come in the form of dreams. I remember him sharing the prototype for the Nut Wizard years ago, in the bakery he and his wife owned. It was crudely put together with baling wire but it worked! Of course, it developed into the finished product that is shipped all over the world. Now for the deeper thought and why this non historian blogger is writing on who came up with that…….I know the answer to this question and not to take away from all inventors…..The Master Inventor and Creator. When my uncle stated that he had dreamed his invention, my mind goes back to Daniel, Jacob, other’s dreams and Joseph’s interpretation of many dreams of future events were vividly seen and recounted for certain purposes for the good of God’s people. God sets the stage and when a need is revealed, God relays the plan for providing and filling this need. So, when you dream and if you get an idea, think about it, and give thanks to God for all things.
Give to life, life will give to you. Give thanks to God and God will bless you.
Jeremiah 23:25-32 – I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed.

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