TODAY THE WORD is LYRICS.  The night of the 4th of July, they had the usual show at the Capitol with entertainers singing special songs and I found it quite fascinating when Neil Diamond took to the stage. When he started singing America, if I couldn’t have seen his face, I still would have known it was him and would have known almost all of the lyrics to that great song. If you don’t feel the passion of America when certain songs are song, you are missing one of the great gifts we, as a nation have to offer. What sent some chills up my spine was when he offered to sing “Sweet Caroline”. This is his trade song and even when others have sung it, this song belongs to Neil. That set the mind working to how we identify ourselves in life, with lyrics of certain songs. Whatever state you live in, if someone has written a song about it; if it starts playing, a big tug at the heart. I was present at the Kentucky Derby one year and when they cranked up and everyone started singing “My Old Kentucky Home”, I was even feeling some tears as everyone else was. Being from Georgia, Ray Charles could send the tingles up the spine with “Georgia”. If you think back to different relationships (you may only have the one special relationship and that means you are indeed blessed) and remember “the song” attached to it. As for me and Greg, “You had me from hello” is our special song and no matter how far between my hearing it, it still has the same effect. I know you are hearing your “song” in your mind as you are reading this and that is the reason for this topic. As lyrics play such an important part in our personal history and true history of our country, we are affected by both the lyrics and the melody behind the words. Now for the deeper thought….We are singing our lyrics of life as we go about our daily tasks. We are writing our individual song with choices of what lyrics we insert into our lives. It can be a fast, moving song as some of us like to make things happen and we like to move. Others may choose a slower, emotional, tugging song as these are the people who are intense people and they have deeper passions but also can have more strife than those who outrun the problems and move past them. Then, there are the ones who like both rhythms, and this is the most well rounded people; full of passion but able to move past the troubles of life. When you feel the music and the lyrics of Amazing Grace; know that God moved on the heart of the writer and lyrics of Salvation came into existence of music. Sing in life; sing in joy; sing in the voice of salvation; the lyrics will charge your soul!
Psalm 95:1-2                
Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!

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