TODAY THE WORDS are RUBBER NECKING. We went to my Husband’s home town for our oldest grandson, Abram’s, 5th “big boy” birthday party. He was our first and of course there is always such a special bond since we experienced all of his new tricks, walks, words and special times when he would crawl into bed and snuggle in with Nana while Granddaddy cooked him grits and eggs. How fast they grow up. I could spend the entire blog on all of our grandsons and each one of them has a place in our heart. Our trip was great and everyone looked like they needed a nap (we might have been in that category). Sometimes, when we travel after lunch, Greg likes me to drive while he takes the nap. This suited me and I took over and got back on I-75 and jumped right in with the traffic. I had not driven even 5 miles and traffic came to a screeching halt. Wreck, I thought, and I hoped no one got hurt. It slowed to a crawl, then we got to resume a nearly normal speed and then it would stop again. It didn’t matter which lane I moved into; another slow crawl was in store. I thought, ah, ha; law officials must be out in force; but no again as we only saw a few patrol cars. Stop and go; slow and go; stop and go; this was the regime for the return trip. For the entire trip until we got about 20 miles from home, we snailed and snailed our way through each torturous mile. Greg managed a nap during most of this and woke when I exited off the interstate. During the calm 3 miles from the interstate to our subdivision, I had a thought about how people rubber neck, not only on the highways; people rubber neck throughout their lives. We speed up; we slow down; we change lanes only to find the same problems in the other lane only to want to move back into the lane we were in before we switched. We have to hit our brakes and then speed up again. How this plays out in life, you ask? When we are young, we are at top speed. We make decisions fast and we really don’t think it through or even look ahead in the other “lane” to see what lies ahead. We move over, and we say to ourselves, “Oh yeah, this is going to be better.” Then we see the “big 18 wheeler semi blocking the flow of travel (obstacles in the new relationship, job, home, finances, etc) and we start questioning why did we make the move? We settle down and wait for the lane to clear up (in life, we start working through any issues, problems, finances, etc. We start cruising again and we start to pick up speed and we put some time in a career, school, marriage and faith. There are always some orange barrels along the way (friends and family) to keep us from getting into trouble on the road of life.
Where the problem is during the ride of life, if we lose control of our temper, anxiety, love, patience. Traffic of life is never the same. Sometimes the ride is easy and smooth and there are times when it is so bumpy, you have to put both hands on the steering wheel and say a prayer that nobody was hurt in the wreck of life. May you drive smoothly through the traffic jams and try not to rubber neck.

2 Timothy 1:7                     

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

(c) copyright 2013 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission.


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