TODAY THE WORDS are AFTER THE SONG HAS ENDED. First, I would like to reflect on yesterday’s topic, Lyrics. I received such  a moving comment from a FB friend who added more emphasis on how touching lyrics can be to her. Her story was a personal reflection on how her late husband had such great intentions for their future. Even with those great intentions, he left for work one day and didn’t return as he was t-boned by a semi. The Travis Tritt song “Good Intentions” reminds her of this emotional time in her life. I felt it was important to take a step further into this topic “when the song has ended”. How many times have we been listening to a song and it ended; we were left wanting to hear it longer, and we were ready to sing another verse when there wasn’t one? We hit replay and that is a fortunate thing for us; life doesn’t usually give us a replay. We have to go forward. We can make changes in the future; we can apologize and repent for things in the past (in other words change the lyrics of life) or we can keep doing the same things we did in the past (keep singing the same song). Our life is our song, the lyrics are ours alone, and we do write the lyrics, and whether the song becomes a “hit” or “miss”, we are given choices for the chorus (direction from God). How many times have we heard a certain song and thought of a certain person? This is a way artists pull from their experiences or others and put them to music. As I wrote yesterday, some songs bring us to tears and some make us laugh. Now for the deeper thought…..One day, we will face the end of our song. How do we want people listening to it play for the last time to feel about us? Recently, I attended a funeral for someone special and while I was sitting there listening to this person’s last song, I found it amazing that I couldn’t remember anything negative about him. I heard his lyrics, some funny, some thoughtful, some kind, and none that was bad. He never became famous, but he was a star in his family; he was a rock. What a nice song he sang during his life! As my friend so truly feels, “Good intentions” are good but they may never come into play. May we sing our life’s song in such a beautiful melody that when our song has ended; our song will be the one which plays over and over in someone’s mind. When you smile, you have placed a musical note in someone’s mind; smile a lot and make a melody.
James 5:13                     
Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.

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