TODAY THE WORDS are SUNDOWN.  Today is Friday, the end of the work week for many of us and we all have either heard of the happy dance or we have danced it. At the end of this day and every day we are blessed; we see a beautiful display of God’s artwork in the form of Sunset or Sundown as I will refer to it in this message. I have lived to see many sundowns and I have witnessed the splendid splash of color from God’s palette. Today’s message is stemming from the thought of seeing so many different sunsets and  sun risings.  We have stood at the ocean side; we have been at the mountain top; we have viewed it from behind tall buildings; and we have seen it from lakes; and we have seen it over fields and plains. We have seen it in happy times; we have been very emotional; we have been unhappy while watching it.  As life occurs with its joys, with its pain, with excitement or dread, sundown happens no matter what or how secure our life may be. I have always felt a sundown is humbling as we are helpless to stop a day from ending no matter how we would enjoy it continuing. I wonder how many of us realize how important the sundown is to the upcoming sunrise. Sunset means the day is coming to an end and we need to finish anything we started. It also signals a resting time and recharging for us to be ready to face the next day. Now for the deeper thought……For  those of us who will face our last sundown, there will not be an earthly sunrise and we will be facing our eternal destination. All of our intentions and goodwill will be complete.  If we look at the next
sundown and appreciate we have been blessed to have lived to see another day, and think if today is my last sundown am I ready for eternity? May we see many sun downs and many sunrises!
King James Bible Psalm 113:3From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’S name is to be praised.

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