Photo Courtesy of Greenpeace receives Nestles reaction to backlash on behalf of Rainforest.

TODAY THE WORD is BACKLASH.  Yesterday, I posted a topic which created a stir among people; I think it was a good stir as we are like a pot cooking on the stove of life and as good as we think we are; a good stirring is necessary to keep us from boiling over. Now for today’s topic of backlash. We can see the different definitions pertaining to backlash for us to discuss:

1. A sudden or violent backward whipping motion.
2. An antagonistic reaction to a trend, development, or event: “As the backlash against divorce progressed, state legislatures . . . called for a rollback of no-fault divorce laws and even for premarital waiting periods” (Walter Kirn).
3. A snarl formed in the part of a fishing line that is wound around the reel.
4. The play resulting from loose connections between gears or other mechanical elements.
I guess I am one of you who may think out of the box and say “backlash” is a necessary process like the stirring of a pot while you are trying to prepare a meal. If we said something and there was not a reaction, whether it be complimentary or backlash; would it serve any purpose. When I look at the 3rd definition as a snarl formed in a fishing line; I have seen that reaction too. As I was researching “backlash” I found definition #4 to state backlash or a necessary clearance between gears. I didn’t mean to, but I chuckled at the word clearance and necessary in life’s context. Life presents us with difficult situations; emotional tugs at the heart which the gears of the heart do need the necessary clearance as it is hard to separate what is “necessary love” and “clearance of love out of the issue”.
In order for us to think clearly and maintain our faith, while at the same time, loving an individual who is not trying or has a real addiction which needs to be controlled; we find ourselves wanting to give some backlash to those who see it at a distance. It is healthy to listen to people who have  space from the situation but those who do not understand all of the factors can use some discretion in how they present things. It was hard for me to hear the changes I had to make in this life; it seemed easier to stay like I was at the time; I would have not been saved if I had not listened to God and many others witnessing to me. Please remember I am looking from the outside in; I am not telling anyone what they should or should not do; as it is an individual decision. When I write; I write what is given as a message which we can learn from others. We learn from each other; we lean on each other; and we hopefully listen to others. Somewhere in my life, I learned to count to 10 before I would react to something said which wasn’t what I wanted to hear. One, two, three, four and more!
John 8:47                     
Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.”

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