TODAY THE WORDS are LIVE WITHOUT DRAMA. This subject may be similar to “Dream the Impossible Dream” since our world as we know it is so full of drama. Whether it be politics, terror threats, people killing people for no reasons and for all of the wrong reasons, ACLU trying to dominate the troops by arguing they shouldn’t pray before they put their lives on the line for all of us, and I can go on and on; but that is the purpose of this message. With all of that drama, we need to remove all of the drama of family living. We cannot control the crazies in the world; we can, however reduce the drama in our personal lives. As a manager, I have seen many employees with more drama than CSI, NCIS, Law and Order or any of the soaps and this is saying a lot! Their lives have been marked, not by happy events, but trauma and drama and most of it “themselves-made”.
I see it in families and friends’ families; it seems to be popular to be a “victim” of something, some of which I never figure out how they figured out they were a “victim” as everyone goes through hard and difficult times. People, we have been going through difficult times since the beginning of times. Whether some people believe some of the events in the Bible literally or parable oriented; a lot of things happened; a lot of disasters and murders. Jesus had to feel crucifixion was not a matter to be taken lightly (I don’t mean this disrespectfully) so how can anything we go through compare with His sacrifice. Now for the deeper thought…..there’s probably always going to be self-made victims and they want an excuse for not rising above the obstacles and walls. We cannot allow them to control our happiness and lives. I feel for the true victims of life with sickness, tragedy, and loss of life. I sympathize with them and their families; but even then, God teaches us to lean on Him and He will see us through. God has never instructed us to say “Woe is me” and expect everyone to give us a living or be miserable with them. I know I am sounding harsh; I am being direct. Giving into a pity party or having one of our own is not the answer. As Momma always said, “Make your bed hard and you will have to lie in it.” I say, If you don’t like the way you made your bed and if it feels hard, get up and either remake it or find another bed! Practice love; practice tough love when it is needed.
Galatians 5:15 ESV / 89 helpful votes
But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.

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