TODAY THE WORDS are FRIED APPLE PIES.  What a subject for a Saturday morning, but it comes and there it is. No, I am not craving sweets; I am recollecting two separate memories and both of the memories are very special. When we were in Germany, when Missy’s Dad was in the Army, we lived on the “economy” in an apartment building with some great German people. Their home as well as their son and his family, and another couple occupied the other parts of the building. We had the lower floor of the building and the son’s (Wolfgang) architect’s office was on the same floor. I decorated the apartment and it was a combination of the 70’s and German furniture and really looked great together. Our landlords were in their 70’s and only spoke German. With my trusty English to German dictionary I managed to communicate with them and they would translate my Americanized version into the proper format. We developed a close relationship and I could write a book on this time but on to the apple pies. Frau Klein showed me how to make the apple fried pies which were so delicious and it was a hoot converting it into our measurements. We laughed and had such a good time and the best part was eating them. The only difference I saw was the lesser amount of sugar but they were just as good. Wasn’t that amazing? For the second time I had someone show me the recipe was our housekeeper when I went back to work when Missy was not quite three years old. Alphamease sold fried apple and pear pies to businesses (one where I worked) and all of us who worked, would start yelling to each other she was coming in with the pies. When we started talking, she was looking for another home to clean; this started a great relationship. By far, she was the best housekeeper I have had and we loved her. She showed me how she made the apple pies and I have made them over the years and every time I have made them; I smile. Now for the deeper thought…Years apart and two different nationalities and cultures……both people doing a sweet thing for me, a little differently but with the same appreciation from me……can you see where I am going with this thought? We, as people, put false measures on who can do what and we put limitations on the possibilities of sharing the talents and gifts from all people. We confine ourselves to the blessings by confining our thoughts. If we open our minds and allow people to be the best they can be; it allows us to receive their best! Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest! See what God has in store for you!

Song of Solomon 7:8                
I say I will climb the palm tree and lay hold of its fruit. Oh may your breasts be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your breath like apples,

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