TODAY THE WORD is JITTERS. All of us have experienced what we Southerners call the “jitters” at some point of time in our lives. It may have been the first time we had to stand up in class and give a report, answer a question, try out for a team, or meeting the classmate we had the crush. I  think my first bout of the “jitters” was my first speech in church. Each Sunday night, one or more of the young people gave a 3 minute talk. This was probably one of the best, but worst things the church did in inspiring young people to publicly speak. As an adult looking back, it was a good thing but at the moment prior to the talk, it had to have felt like the worst thing I could have ever experienced. For all of you who know me now, are probably shaking your heads in shock that I could, Miss Blabbermouth, ever have the jitters from talking, but it is so true! I had written my talk on index cards and had them in order. I had to stand behind the podium and due to my eyesight not being the best; I couldn’t lay the cards down and had to hold them in my hands. They were shaking so badly, I knew everyone would see them shaking and if they were shaking, how did my voice sound? Was it shaky as my cards. Believe it or not, I made it through and was alive. Whew! I collected my cards and stepped down expecting everyone to tell me how they could see my cards shaking and they could tell how scared or jittery I was during the talk. That didn’t happen! No one had even noticed my cards and apparently my voice held up. The jitters were in my mind! This had now become the best thing in my life’s experience. I felt like Rocky! I had overcome! Now, for the deeper thought…I am only reflecting one case of jitters……I could name hundreds. This one occurrence was just that; one of many life experiences of jitters and we face them on a regular basis. What I didn’t realize that day and what I know now is the jitters serve a purpose in life….it is God’s way of keeping us humble and knowing where our strength and encouragement truly comes from. See, the reason no one saw my cards shaking was my cards were being held by God too and He steadied my voice and those cards for me to grow! The next time you get the jitters, stop for a second, and ask “God, have You Got This?” You will be amazed at how calm you will become.

Isaiah 41:13          
For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”

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