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TODAY THE WORDS are DILLY DALLY. Why dilly dally? Let’s get down to this subject and I feel like moving and that is the opposite from dilly dallying. According to the definition, dilly dally means: To waste time, especially in indecision; dawdle or vacillate. Oh, now, how many of us have been known to dilly dally in our lifetimes? Some of us are might dally dillies, since we don’t wait for anything and it might be wise for those of us who are guilty of quick decisions might profit from a little dilly dally but too much dilly dallying can be damaging to the progress of our lives. I don’t want to get too serious on this subject since I find dilly dally a phrase that makes me smile. Say it three times; dilly dally; dilly dally; dilly dally. I imagine you are smiling by the second or at least of the third word so to the real topic of the day. Even though the phrase means to waste time or not be able to make decisions, it caused a light spirit and we need some light spirited time in our life. When I was young, and when my daughter was young, and even now, with my daughter, our grandchildren, and my sister, I have a silly side; a “might be a little crazy” side, and a let my hair down side. I see so much seriousness going on the world and people have forgotten how to laugh at themselves and “poke harmless fun” at themselves or even others without having the media show up at your door. My brothers used to kid me a lot; some they were poking fun and some they were seeing if they could stir me up. I am smiling as I write; they were fun to be around. My sister and her daughter worked together when I had the decorating company and when I managed the car dealership and we worked so hard; we had so much fun doing it. Yes, there were many serious moments; there were so many times we were so tired we got silly. Now, for the deeper thought….When did people forget to have the Old Time Good Slap Your Knee Fun and Laughter? When did it have to offend someone when someone kidded another person and it didn’t matter what race you were as no one was “safe” from the kidding? We, as people, need to do a little dilly dallying, and let our hair down a little. Lighten up folks; life is too serious as it is; we can be responsible and yet let loose in good, harmless ways. I have a theory why God probably has a lot of laughs when He looks down and gets to see us being silly occasionally and says, “Those silly children of mine are at it again!” Smile and the world will either smile back at you or wonder what you are up to!
Proverbs 15:30
30 Smiling faces make you happy, and good news makes you feel better

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