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TODAY THE WORDS are 4TH QUARTER. With all of the excitement of the upcoming football season, the thought of how important the fourth (4th) quarter is to the game. Being an avid Georgia Bulldog fan, we, more than some other football teams, usually put it all in the last quarter. As a fan, it might be easier on us if all quarters were played with the vigor displayed in this quarter. We sit on the edge of our seats and we yell, and talk to the players. It is intense with so much riding on each play. I have heard it said, “If you haven’t beat Georgia by the 3rd quarter, you can forget it!”. However, this is not entirely true as some games have been lost in the fourth quarter. Here is another thought: the fourth quarter in currency is the necessary quarter to make a dollar. Until the fourth quarter is added; a person would always have 75 cents. You could add other change to make it to a dollar, and that is the point this message is headed. Sometimes, in life, we may not have the option to live our fourth quarter or to add a quarter to our existing life and if we sit around and count on the extra quarters; we could always come up short. Life in our first quarter (or childhood) is usually an easy quarter (with some exceptions if childhood diseases or illness are present which breaks our hearts) with a lot of playing, learning, playing, and more playing. The second quarter, our coaches (parents) start putting some pressure in teaching us things we need to know to win in the game of life and usually our teachers teach the game play to prepare us for each move. Our teammates (friends and family friends) round our playing skills of how a team works. Then comes the third quarter with marriage, or at least adult life with a seriousness to life. We become intense as we want to insure the outcome of the game. We want to make the winning plays; we want to defend against the offensive maneuvers and keep our team (family) safe and we want to gain ground in our careers and start planning on what we will do when we win (retire). Most of our friends and family are playing the same game and the score usually is tied when the fourth quarter comes and the tensions rise. Players become injured and sometimes have to leave the game (I know I don’t have to explain early/young deaths or disabilities). We miss them tremendously and have to shuffle other players around to fill this void. Fourth quarter?
Are we going to hunker down and win the game of life? Have we realized exactly what we have to do to win this game? Have we applied all of our skills to insure victory? Most importantly, have we listened to our coach, Our Master to what it will take to make it to the end zone for the winning touchdown? I hope you enjoy this upcoming football season and when the life game is over, I hope you and I will celebrate our victory in Heaven!
Matthew 24:21-22                     
For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

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