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TODAY THE WORDS are WHAT PRICE WOULD YOU PAY TO BE HAPPY? This topic was brought to me from a great lifelong friend who wanted to know what my thoughts would be to this question and I thought, “What a great blog theme!” So here we go! Let us take this question thought by thought. The first question I would have to ask first, is what is my definition of happiness? What would it take to answer a question with “yes, I am truly 100% happy”? Do we see happiness the same or do we individually interpret happiness differently? I chose to get some feedback on this subject from a blend of people, both male and female and different ages. One young lady answered it with a good response of “Can anyone really say they are 100% happy and mean it?” Another male said it was defined in being in a great loving relationship and being financially stable. One male who has been in a couple of relationships brought up a good question as to how relationships change after marriage from what it was while dating. So, I said in response then would you say happiness is like being on a Ferris wheel; sometimes you climb to the very top and you can see forever and then it seems as if it changes when you start the decline and then back up. Interpretation of this thought is “are we capable of true happiness which stays and lasts our lifetime?”  In order to figure out what price happiness is worth, we have to put a value on happiness. Are we happy for integral moments with highs and lows and if so, what price would we put on those moments? My response to the male who stated a great loving relationship and financial stability are the keystrokes of happiness; what would happen if the spouse died and/or the money was lost. Let me take you to a memory of mine. When I had my own business and it was successful, I was physically fit, was driving a new sports car, not having to check prices before I bought things and lived in a 3 story 4500 square foot home on 5 acres. This sounds like pretty good odds at being happy, right? One day, I was driving along feeling unhappy in my marriage (previous), I pulled up beside a rusted out old model plain tan pick up with bald tires, no muffler. We both stopped at a red light and I looked over and the woman sitting almost under the driver had to weigh at least 500 pounds and her honey was probably about 5′ 6″ tall and if he weighed 120 pounds that was on a heavy day. He reached with his small arm and put it around her (or at least as far as he could) and he squeezed her. When he smiled; he was toothless. She nudged her face up against her and the light changed so off they went. That has been over 30 years ago and I still think “Now that is happiness at its finest.” So my answer to this question, is it is not how much you are willing to pay for happiness as happiness cannot be bought; it is a state of mind. No matter what a person has; no matter the way they look; no matter how charming or grouchy; love pays the price for happiness. One last deep thought…..Jesus paid the price with his life for us to have eternal happiness and peace. The price for our happiness has already been paid and all we have to do is love Him back! The rest of happiness on this earth is more probable for all of us to take freely. Thanks my friend!

Galatians 5:22-23                
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

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