TODAY THE WORD is REJECTED. When I was in the finance division in car dealerships, either a bank would approve or reject an automobile loan. These were the semi technical days without email and scanning so paper files were necessary. It was a common practice to keep the rejected files in one place and the deal packets in an active file. I would stamp “REJECTED” on the top of the stapled file and then file it away as I had no further use for it. In today’s world, there are so many times I would love to be able to stamp REJECTED on some of the people, celebrities and politicians as well as some common folks who will never be in the public spotlight, but in their family spotlight, they seem to try to be a reject. I am not sure if they do it for attention or if they do it for meanness. I see some teenagers without purpose, living for the moment, cheering on those celebrities whose claim to fame is how bad can I be attitude. A group of us were discussing this situation when the latest immoral act has been blasted across main street media (who I would love to stamp REJECTED on them as well). What I felt was interesting, even young people were aware of how parents have changed and how their “absence” in the children’s lives have had more effect than those crazy folks we have to change channels to avoid obnoxious performances and life events. I know I seem to go back to my childhood, but I can assure you our parents would have never allowed us to do what young people are doing. I can remember one of my brothers (and he was an adult) having tried out some beers and was a little tipsy and Momma was trying to get him to settle down and behave. He was tossing some artificial fruit back and forth on the table (a lot of you may not remember the plastic fruit used as a centerpiece but yes we had a bowl of it on our table). Momma had warned him a couple of times and he kept doing it. On the third time, when one of the pieces of fruit went off the table, she responded with a slap on the side of his head. I understand this new generation thinking how bad her behavior was. What happened was my tipsy brother stood up and picked the fallen piece of fruit off that floor and sat down and settled down. She had done what I knew to be an attitude adjustment. While this situation might be handled differently; it taught my brother (and all of us knew the same thing) to respect her in her house and that it didn’t pay to not listen. I see children telling their parents what to do and the talk I hear coming out of their mouths to their parents and I think it wouldn’t have been tolerated…..that action would have been REJECTED! That is the deeper thought for today!
King James Bible Proverbs 13:24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

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