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TODAY THE WORDS are RING THAT LIBERTY BELL! As an American, I should have my constitutional rights but nowhere does it say, my rights outweigh another’s rights. Rights are rights, but when someone does something illegal; wrongs are wrongs! Freedom is freedom and not a liberty to do harm to another. Today, in this crazy world, it seems we have interest groups, politicians, race groups, liberals, extremists who have lost the American concept of freedom. If we are involved in movements, it seems biased and self serving. In earlier times, when someone put up a fence on their land; neighbors understood what that fence meant…..Respect for boundaries. In today’s craziness, special interest groups would take up a ridiculous cause as to why forty million people could not cross this fence even if they had no reason to do so. Causes, causes, causes, and where did good common sense go? What has happened to the prestige service call our politicians seemed to possess when they were elected? Now, it seems it is whoever has the biggest scandal as to who gets the media’s attention? If a politician, and I don’t care if it is a Democrat or Republic, Tea Party or Independent politician tries to stand for a solid policy; everybody gets squirrely. For all of us who have seen the history of true Americanism, this is enough to make us cringe. Liberals want it all, but don’t want to pay the price for liberty. Conservatives look like bullies and can’t seem to know how to motivate their own constituents to pass or even suggest good plans; but it is mostly conservatives who wind up paying for the liberals wild laws. What happened to our American pride? It is time to ring that ole Liberty Bell and let freedom ring! It is time to revive our heritage, our pride, our responsibilities, and our link to the foundation of this beautiful, wonderful country! I like to think I speak for a large majority of Americans; Give me back My America! Now for the deeper thought….God wants us to pray for His Help and Strength, but I think God wants us to take a stand on what we believe! So many want to say Amen and leave it at that; so many want to keep quiet and our voice is needed; and so many of us fail to pray enough for strength for us to do something to make a difference. If you are straddling the fence; you are still on the fence; you are not standing on one side or the other. The saying is God helps those who help themselves!

1 Peter 2:16                

Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

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